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Tampa Bay Tech Announces New Board Chair, Christopher Karlo of MercuryWorks, as the Organization Embarks on Its 24th Year

Tampa Bay Tech, a leading force in advancing the technology sector in the region, is thrilled to announce Christopher Karlo, a Partner at MercuryWorks, as the new Board Chair succeeding Managing Director, at Accenture, Ande Johnson who seamlessly transitions to...

Unwrapping a Gift of Giving

For the second year in a row, the SME Team gathered for a special event we like to call "Inspired Giving." It's more than just a new tradition; it's an embodiment of our commitment to aligning corporate giving with the interests and passions of our employees. This year's "Inspired Giving" at SME's Annual All Hands Meeting was...

Elevating Employee Experience: Insights from Tampa Bay Tech’s CTO/CIO Peer Council Meeting

We recently had the privilege of hosting a dynamic gathering at the Tampa Bay Tech CTO/CIO Peer Council meeting, where tech leaders converged to discuss the evolving landscape of employee experiences in the digital age. Our focus? Harnessing the power of AI and digital innovation to elevate the work lives of our valued employees.

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Revolutionizing the Future: RevStar and Think Big for Kids Join Forces

In our rapidly evolving world, where technology plays an ever-expanding role, the need to nurture the next generation of tech leaders is more crucial than ever. Enter RevStar and Think Big for Kids, two organizations that have come together to champion the cause of empowering young minds and illuminating the path...

CodeBoxx & RevStar Collaborate to Cultivate Tampa Bay’s Next Generation of Developers

The collaboration between CodeBoxx, a software development and training company, and RevStar, initiated through their shared membership in Tampa Bay Tech, has proven to be a dynamic and fruitful partnership. With a common goal of fostering...

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