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Tampa Bay Tech is a non-profit technology council engaging and uniting the local technology community for 23 years. Through our memberships and partnerships, our mission is to build a radically connected, flourishing tech hub where opportunity is abundant for all.

We are the go-to resource for tech news and events in the Tampa Bay Area

With over 130 member companies representing the region’s 110,000+ tech employees – as well as thousands of students within the area’s colleges and universities – Tampa Bay Tech provides annual programming, networking and initiatives to support everyone working in our flourishing tech ecosystem.

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Year after year, cyberattacks just keep coming. Today, ransomware is the primary threat from cybercriminals, particularly in the healthcare, government facilities, and critical manufacturing industries. The average ransom payment nearly doubled from $812,000 in 2022 to over $1.54 million in 2023, according to Sophos’ report The State of Ransomware… Read more
Published on 2023-12-07
Source: Pondurance
Panelists from across healthtech batted ideas on improving wearables to fixing issues in U.S. health care access…. Read more
Published on 2023-12-07
Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal – Tech
Federal officials accused the CEO of a Medicare scheme that took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to make money from fraudulent tests…. Read more
Published on 2023-12-07
Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal – Tech
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