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Tampa Bay Tech is a non-profit technology council engaging and uniting the local technology community for 21 years. Through our memberships and partnerships, our mission is to build a radically connected, flourishing tech hub where opportunity is abundant for all.

We are the go-to resource for tech news and events in the Tampa Bay Area

With over 125 member companies representing the region’s 110,000+ tech employees – as well as thousands of students within the area’s colleges and universities – Tampa Bay Tech provides annual programming, networking and initiatives to support everyone working in our flourishing tech ecosystem.

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Have you ever wondered what it takes for a young immigrant to truly achieve the American dream? Well, you might just be able to learn a thing or two from Manny Medina’s story.     After emigrating to Miami as a young teen and—as he puts it—surviving high school, Medina was… Read more
Published on 2021-09-21
Source: Florida Funders
A  home with a cottage-like front porch surrounded by green vegetation grasps the attention of drivers and pedestrians in a South St. Pete neighborhood – but it’s not a single home, it’s two residential units and it’s the latest affordable housing project to open its doors.  The 1,700-square-foot residential structure… Read more
Published on 2021-09-20
Source: Catalyst (Innovate)
Tony Bai, A-LIGN’s Federal Practice Lead, and Emily Cummins, Anitian’s Director of Cloud Security, team up to discuss how technology can make your journey to FedRAMP certification a more streamlined process, saving you time and resources. FedRAMP was designed to provide a cost-efficient and risk-based approach to cloud adoption for… Read more
Published on 2021-09-20
Source: A-lign
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