Radical Connections between CodeBoxx and Revstar

CodeBoxx & RevStar Collaborate to Cultivate Tampa Bay’s Next Generation of Developers

The collaboration between CodeBoxx, a software development and training company, and RevStar Consulting, initiated through their shared membership in Tampa Bay Tech, has proven to be a dynamic and fruitful partnership. With a common goal of fostering technological innovation and talent development, these two entities have joined forces to create a synergy that benefits both organizations and the wider tech community.

Recently, RevStar has hired two CodeBoxx graduates including Gabby Curtis who said, “The ability to see my ideas come to life through programming is very fulfilling and keeps me engaged and motivated like no other job has before. Right after graduating from CodeBoxx, I got a job offer from RevStar (my top choice) for the title of Jr. Software Developer. This career change shaped me into the individual I am proud to be today!” The partnership between CodeBoxx and RevStar Consulting exemplifies the the potential of Radically Connecting within Tampa Bay Tech, and what this organization aims to help foster.

Read more about this partnership here.

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