Introducing Amazon Q: The Future of GenAI Assistance

Transform your coding experience and supercharge your business operations with Amazon Q, the groundbreaking AI-powered assistant crafted to revolutionize software development. Amazon Q isn’t just about code generation—it’s a comprehensive solution designed to boost your productivity through advanced capabilities in code writing, debugging, testing, and more.

Dive deeper than ever into your business data with Amazon Q’s ability to connect directly to your enterprise data repositories. From analyzing company policies to providing insights on product details and employee information, Amazon Q does it all, offering detailed dialogues, trend analyses, and actionable answers.

Don’t miss the chance to see Amazon Q in action! Join us for an exclusive hands-on session where we’ll explore both Amazon Q Business and Amazon Q Developer aspects. Learn how this innovative tool can streamline your workflows and dramatically enhance your development strategy.

Save your spot now! Experience firsthand how Amazon Q can bring your software development and business operations to the next level.

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Jun 27 2024


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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