Dig into Observability with Dynatrace – Networking Event

Digital transformation continues to move at warp speed, while your IT cloud infrastructure continues to expand. The need for intelligent, real-time observability is even greater. While it is true that logs, metrics and traces are very important data sources as the three pillars of observability, alone they don’t provide intelligent observability needed for success.

Join Dynatrace to discuss topics such as:

    • How Dynatrace tackles advanced observability and why it’s more than just collecting logs, metrics and traces
    • How Dynatrace automatically discovers and maps out your entire environment within minutes
    • How to enrich Dynatrace with additional sources of data such as OpenTelemetry
    • How to enjoy the noise reduction as meaningless alerts disappear and you watch them replaced with actionable alerts for super-fast MTTR


Nov 09 2021


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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