CIO/CTO Council State of Technology Event with the Florida Funders

Tampa Bay’s oldest and largest technology executive roundtable group.

The CIO-CTO council provides a forum for open, confidential discussion, idea exchange, the sharing of best practices, and prominent speakers delivering content on topics curated by the members of the group.

The Council is a place where in-depth conversations can take place and valuable relationships built through targeted, professional development sessions, as well as casual, social events throughout the year. Your company must be a member of Tampa Bay Tech, and participation in the Council is by invite only*.

 Criteria for attendance:

  • You are the CIO, CTO, or CISO of your company’s information technology operations
  • Your company is a member or partner of Tampa Bay Tech

Not a member or partner with Tampa Bay Tech?

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Tampa Bay Tech and Florida Funders Present the State of Technology Event

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming State of Technology event, hosted jointly by Tampa Bay Tech and Florida Funders. This exciting gathering will showcase the innovative strides being made in the tech industry right here in Florida.

What to Expect:

  • Insightful Presentations: Some of Florida Funders’ portfolio companies will take the stage to share their success stories, challenges, and cutting-edge solutions. These companies are at the forefront of solving critical business problems using technology.
  • Business Problem Solving: Learn how these enterprise-ready companies are addressing real-world challenges faced by businesses across various sectors. From AI-driven chatbots to cloud infrastructure optimization, their approaches are both innovative and impactful.
  • Technology Showcase: Discover the tools, platforms, and methodologies these companies employ to drive efficiency and enhance user experiences.

Featured Companies:

  • Redefining financial flexibility through cutting-edge solutions.
  • Itopia: Pioneering cloud workspace management for businesses.
  • Rewst: Transforming customer engagement with personalized experiences.
  • Ybot: Shaping the future of customer service with intelligent automation.


Jun 20 2024


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