Deep CDR 5.7.0 – Email Sanitization Is Our Focus

Keeping the same usability while stripping out unexpected objects is one of the most challenging tasks in the CDR process. Especially, in the email use case, a phishing email usually includes a malicious hyperlink, however, a normal email also contains many hyperlinks. Keep or remove them? It’s a hard question to answer, it depends on several things such as company policy, what protection solution they have. So, flexible CDR configurations are necessary for an administrator. In this release, Deep CDR 5.7, we are proud to announce that we’ve added three more options to HTML sanitization with respect to hyperlinks. We also improved sanitization details for malware analysis use case, the module now returns the entire macro content and the URLs that were excluded from the sanitized file. A new UI configuration is also available in this version. Last but not least, we added support for four new filetypes. New Configurations

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