State University System was awarded $1.6 billion for research

USF is one of 12 state universities in Florida.

From the State University System of Florida Board of Governors: Did U Know?

TAMPA, Fla. – In 2011-2012, Florida’s universities received more than $1.6 billion in research awards. The largest portion of awards went to sciences and engineering. Below are the five disciplines that received the greatest amounts:

  • Health and related sciences, 31%
  • Engineering, 16%
  • Physical sciences, 8%
  • Biology and biomedical sciences, 7%
  • Agriculture and related sciences, 5%

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Why should you care? Research is not only a significant part of a university’s mission but also a cornerstone of economic development—leading to job creation, commercialization, academic innovation and quality student experiences.

Bottom line? The State University System provides a good return on investment.

About Did U Know?

Each week the Florida Board of Governors shares a tidbit about how our state universities provide a good return on investment. For more information visit the Did U Know page.

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