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Tampa Bay Tech is a non-profit technology council engaging and uniting the local technology community for 21 years. Through our memberships and partnerships, our mission is to build a radically connected, flourishing tech hub where opportunity is abundant for all.

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With over 125 member companies representing the region’s 110,000+ tech employees – as well as thousands of students within the area’s colleges and universities – Tampa Bay Tech provides annual programming, networking and initiatives to support everyone working in our flourishing tech ecosystem.

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Evidence of Need for an Opioid Alternative Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus developed a prediction model to help providers identify patients at higher risk of progressing to chronic opioid use following their hospital stay.  … Read more
Published on 2022-05-25
Source: inSync
#main-content a {font-weight:bold;text-decoration:underline;color:#6BC786;} #main-content .et_pb_button_module_wrapper a {font-weight:initial;text-decoration:initial;color:initial;} #main-content .et_pb_title_featured_container {display:none;} #main-content .et_pb_with_background a {font-weight:initial!important;text-decoration:initial!important;} You don’t have to start a business to be an entrepreneur. That’s the idea behind the Innovation Lab at Hillsborough Community College (InLab@HCC), where program founders specifically left “entrepreneur” out of the name in hopes… Read more
Published on 2022-05-25
Source: florida high tech
While the price of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing digital art has dropped precipitously back to earth after skyrocketing last year, a panel of experts believes the future is still bright for the innovative technology. Ken Evans, managing director for the Tampa Bay Innovation Center, moderated a virtual TECH Talk Tuesday… Read more
Published on 2022-05-25
Source: Catalyst (Innovate)
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